Walmart plans to take off guns and ammunition from its sales floors in the US due to chaos in Philadelphia this week, a spokeswoman said Thursday. The retail titan will continue to sell the items to consumers who request them, but will pull them from exhibitions. Guns and ammunition are sold at about half of US stores, usually in locations where hunting is general, a company spokeswoman said.

We have seen some remote civil unrest and as we have done on various instances over the last few years, we have moved weapons and ammunition off the sales floor as a provision for the safety of our associates and customers, a Walmart spokeswoman said. These items endure to be available for purchase by customers.

The move comes after Philadelphia on Wednesday circulated a nighttime Vesper following two nights of turmoil over the police killing of Walter Wallace, who became the newest Black person to die at the hands of law execution.

Earlier killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other African Americans have given rise to mass protests throughout the US this year.

Thousands of people have taken to Philadelphia's streets, with plunder and violence breaking out, since police on Monday shot dead Wallace, who was carrying a knife. Wallace's family said he had mental health issues.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said there would be no Vesper Thursday night, but we stimulate residents to stay home, unless travel is compulsory.

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