US President Donald Trump in a news conference at the White House said “We will have to see what happens”. “You know that”.

Mr. Trump added that he believes the November presidential elections would end up before the Supreme Court, as he casts doubt on postal voting.

It is learned that more states are encouraging mail-in ballots invoking public health issues due to coronavirus.

Mr. Trump is currently trailing his counterpart candidate for president race in opinion polls, in a press conference on Wednesday evening he was asked by a reporter, would he commit to a peaceful transfer if he wins, loses, or draw the elections to Mr. Biden, a Democrat. 

Mr. Trump replied “I have always been against the ballots very strongly”, and the ballots are a disaster.

When the reporter raised another question “people are rioting”, Mr. Trump interrupted “get rid of the ballots, you will have a very peaceful, there won’t be a transfer, there will be a continuation”.

Recently Mrs. Clinton urged Joe Biden this time not to admit defeat under any circumstances if there is a close race on election night. She flipped the scenario that Republicans would try to mess up absentee balloting and they will stand up an army of lawyers to contest the results.

US President Donald Trump has indicated that he will commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the November elections.   

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