Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday suspended several newly created and mostly right-leaning news accounts circulating information about voting in the energetically competed U.S. election for breaching their policies.

Twitter said the accounts had been eliminated for breaching its policy against coordination by posting similar data while appearing independent or engaging in other sneaky automated behaviour.

The account frequently warned of election-related unrest and highlighted issues with voting safety and reliability. It pointed to fraud claims about Democrats and called attention to Republican President Donald Trump's rallies and speeches.

Actually, few if any major impeding were disclosed at polling sites on Tuesday as civil liberties groups and law enforcement were on high alert for any obtrusion with voters.

Some of the eliminated accounts were closely interpreted by the media in Russia, which has been cited as intervening in the 2016 election. While social media companies took action, faulty or magnified reports about voting deceit and delays at the polls spread throughout the day, in some cases helped along by official Republican accounts and online publications.

The FBI and the New York attorney general also said they were probing a series of peculiar robocalls prompting people to stay home, which were reported in multiple battleground states.

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