Mr. Trump has stated that next week he will nominate a woman to replace the well established liberal justice. Mr. Biden has urged Senate Republicans to put off a confirmation vote. Ginsburg, a liberal icon and feminist distinctive, died on Friday at the age of  87.

Democrats panic, Republicans will vote to lock in a decades-long conservative majority on the country's highest court. It is crucial to maintain the ideological balance of the nine-member court is crucial to its rulings on the most important issues in US law.

During a speech at the Constitutional Center in Philadelphia on Sunday, Mr. Biden said the president had "made clear this is about power, pure and simple". "The United States constitution allows Americans the chance to be heard - and their voice should be heard... they should make it clear, they will not stand for this abuse of power," he said.

"I appeal to those Senate Republicans - please follow the conscience, let the people speak, cool the flames that have been engulfing our country," he said. "Don't vote to confirm anyone nominated under the circumstances President Trump and Senator McConnell created. Don't go there."

Two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins have both backed a delay in the vote until after November's presidential election. If two more Republican senators join them, they could block or at least delay a confirmation vote, as the Republicans have a majority of only six in the Senate.

In the event that the vote is a tie, the US constitution allows Vice-President Mike Pence to cast a tie-breaking vote.

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