Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates were present in the white house on Tuesday to sign a historic Abraham accord, a peace, and cooperation pact. U.S. President Donald Trump hosted the dignities in the white house just before the singing of the deal.

This is the first peace deal between Arab and Israel in the past 26 years. Emphasizing the importance of the accord, just moments before the singing of the deal Mr. Trump stated “We are here to change the course of history, after decades of division and conflict, we are going to mark a new dawn of the middle east”. After his statement, the Abraham accord was signed at the South Lawns of the white house.

After signing of the accord Mr. Trump praised the efforts and the mutual understanding of the issues by three countries and said “Thanks to the great spirits of the leaders of these three countries we take a major step towards the future in which people of all faiths and religions live together in peace and prosperity”.

Trump said these three countries are great friends and this Abraham accord opens new doors for Muslims as well.

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