Facebook has long been criticized for not restricting or removing false and misleading information, including political ads, from the biggest social media platform. These twisted posts have influenced people to chaos and violence and Facebook has been slammed frequently around the world due to its policies and business-oriented strategies. Wherever crucial elections occur, Facebook is used to spread misleading information and interfere in democratic procedures.

Facebook had accepted over and over that as a company it failed to curb these wrongdoings and announced changes in company policies to stop these kinds of incidents every-time. But the overall conclusion was all in vain ever.

Refreshing for a disputed election with no immediate results of possible civil unrest, Facebook has decided to enact a bunch of changes to ensure its platform is not used to spread chaos and scatter misinformation before, during, and after the U.S. presidential elections. But it is quite apprehensive that changes are good enough.

The biggest social media platform will restrict or remove political ads that convey misleading misinformation about Covid-19, elections, and religions in the week before elections announced Facebook on Thursday.

Some activists and employees hailed the initiative but said Facebook owns the onus to enforce the policies and meet the desired results.

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