India and South Africa along with their ally nations have initiated a move at WTO for an emergency time limited waiver of some Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) rules to increase production and supply of Covid-19 vaccines, treatments and diagnostic test to ensure access to everybody around the globe. 

The previous Trump Administration was against such move but present US lawmakers have urged President Joe Biden to support this move as the Biden administration has an obligation to reverse the damages made by the Trump administration and reestablish our nation’s reputation as a global health leader. 

A group of almost 60 US representatives are about to collectively write to President Biden to support a temporary TRIPS waiver as it would allow countries and manufacturers to access and share technology to produce vaccines and therapeutics to eliminate pandemic without causing Intellectual Property Rights. 

As we have seen the pandemic knows no borders and globalised systems can not recover if only selected parts of the world are vaccinated and have protection against the virus. We must make public policy choices if we have to make vaccines available everywhere to crush the virus anywhere, said Rosa DeLauro, the US lawmaker. 

Another US Lawmaker Earl Blumenauer siad, “As a global community, we must come together and use every tool we have in our hands to stop this pandemic.” During past pandemics we have seen the disastrous public health impacts due to Intellectual Property rights and corporate greed. 

We must remove all the impediments to vaccine production and distribution to provide access to vaccines to every person as soon as possible without any discrimination on the grounds of economic background, race, creed and religion or nationality.

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