Republicans vigorously shielded law pursuance on the third night of their convention, as the nation faced renewed tensions following the police shooting of a Black man in Wisconsin that ignited dissent in a state that could decide the fall election.

Vice President Mike Pence, the evening’s featured speaker, grasped on the national dooming over racial injustice to argue that Democratic leaders are allowing chaos to overcome in cities from coast to coast. He and others described cities troubled by violence, though protests in most locations have been largely peaceful.

"The Americans perceive that the Trump administration doesn’t have to determine between supporting law pursuant and standing with African American neighbors to enhance the quality of life in our country,” he said in remarks released before his occurrence. He also rushed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for saying there is a “silent bias” against minorities and “systemic chauvinism” in the U.S.

"The truth is ... no one will be secured in Joe Biden’s America,” the vice president said.

The convention list also included speakers who have been at odds with the Black Lives Matter swing, including a St. Louis couple who flapped guns and the Kentucky attorney general who has not yet filed charges in the death of a woman killed by police.

But the program Wednesday night was - as the President often says of Biden - low energy, with no major headline speaker beside the vice president and few heavy stroke names. And it missed some of the production elements that had made previous nights memorable, including efficiently produced videos and surprise announcements, such as an unexpected presidential remission and a citizenship ceremony.

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