A well known Republican Senator has advised Donald Trump not to be compelled into accepting to Democratic replacement Joe Biden, stimulating the outgoing President to continue fighting the result of the landmark election.

Trump has refused to acknowledge the victory of former Vice President Biden, who was declared the President-elect of the United States after taking out the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania, securing its 20 electoral college votes and surpassing the 270 gateway needed to secure the presidency.

Trump, suffering behind Biden on just 214 electoral votes, has made repeated, unsupported allegations of voter fraud, claiming the election was devised against him and stolen by his Democratic rivals.

The President's campaign has announced its resolution to follow legal action in key battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada - states secured by Biden as well as in the Republican stronghold of Georgia, which Biden currently leads by a slimline edge. The campaign also filed a lawsuit in Arizona on Saturday (local time) regarding rejected ballots - a move Arizona's Secretary of State banished as grasping at straws.

In addition to the lawsuits, the 74-year-old business tycoon and former reality television star has repeatedly revealed himself as the true victor of the election, declaring on Saturday (local time), "I won this election, by a lot", in a Twitter outburst. I won the election, got 71,000,000 legal votes, he reiterated.

Now, high-profile Senator of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, considered one of the most prominent Republicans in Congress, has advised Trump to continue his venture to overturn the election and maintain presidency.

Speaking to News channel, Graham claimed the President's unfounded allegations of fraud must be investigated. "We will work with Biden if he wins, but Trump has not lost," Graham declared on the channel. "Do not concede, Mr. President. Fight hard."

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