Daniel Prude, a black man who had run naked through the streets of Western New York city died of suffocation after a group of police officers put a hood over his head, then pressed his face into the pavement for a while, according to video and records made public on Wednesday by his family. 

Daniel Prude died on March 30 after he was deprived of life support, about seven days after the encounter with police in Rochester. His death issue was not in the public domain until Wednesday when his family held a press conference and detached police body camera video and written reports they received from through a public records request.

The video shows Prude had taken off his clothes and obeying police orders to get on the grounds and put his hands behind his back. Prude is troubled and shouting as he suits on the pavement in handcuffs for a few moments. He screams, “give me your gun, I need it”. Then officers put a hood over his face, a device that is supposed to protect officers from a held person’s saliva.

Then police officers bang Prude’s head into the street. One officer holds his head down against the pavement with both hands, asking “calm down and stop spitting”.Another officer grabs Prude under his knee. Prude’s voice becomes obstructed and tormented under the hood when he says, “ trying to kill me”.

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