Developed by Federal Government and Moderna Inc., the candidate vaccine against COVID-19 seems to be safe and provoke an immune response, according to the data release from an early phase trial on Tuesday.


But if the immune system is adequately strong to defend someone against coronavirus that causes COVID-19  is still unclear, according to the experts who reviewed the results.


Medical Chief Officer of Moderna, Dr Tal Zaks said, even though the protective effect cannot be known completely at this moment but all indications suggest that mRNA-1273 will be both effective and safe. He further included, “It’s a good day for us.”


The scale of protective antibodies produced by the trial was similar to those found in patients who recovered from COVID-19, implying that the candidate vaccine provides the same protection as an infection, said Zak. According to animal studies, it has been showing that mRNA-1273 is capable of protecting mice against this infection, and the trials on primates and Syrian hamsters are underway, he said.


The clinical trial was commenced by Dr Anthony Fauci’s Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Health. The vaccine for experimental purpose is being created at the lightening speed. The first trial initiated on 16th March, just after the revelation of the virus’s genetics sequel by Chinese Scientists. After several trials, the highest dose of 250 micrograms was reduced to 100 micrograms for use in people.


All the participants of the trial showed prove of an immune response, which is the actual purpose of immunization. But as COVID-19 is so new it’s not clear the exact requirement of immune reaction for the protection against infection.


The aim is to have the vaccine by January in limited batches or as late as next summer. But there is no way to tell at this point if one of these two timetables are achievable, as historically a vaccine can take years to evolve.

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