At a fundraiser event, Indian origin Senator Kamala Harris, the democrat’s vice presidential candidate, and 2016 presidential candidate Hilary Clinton easily collected over $6 million funds by just making fun of President Donald Trump. The event was held virtually, keeping the Covid-19 pandemic in mind.

In her mocking remarks, Ms.Clinton said, “ I have never seen him laugh”. Going ahead she took more jibes on President Donald Trump-like, “I’ve never, ever seen him make fun of himself. Certainly not his hairdo — you know, that’s, something I’m quite experienced. It is really telling that part of the cruelty and the indifference, and just the plain meanness that we see on a regular basis from him is in part because he has no sense of humour. And, you know, he loves putting people down, not lifting them up,”

Ms. Harris did agree with Ms. Clinton’s dig over Trump’s personality.

“There is nothing joyful about him. There is nothing about him that inspires joy,” Ms. Harris said.

“And it’s such a shame, really. I mean on one level you just have to feel like, you know, oh, everyone should have something in their lives that gives them the ability to smile a genuine smile,” she said.

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