Heavy rain along with wind gusts hit Maui on Sunday as Hurricane Douglas waved off the Hawaii coast while officials persuade residents to take shelter.

Forecasters said the hurricane would pass to Oahu and might directly hit on the island that is home to one of the biggest city of the state - Honolulu.

The science and Operations Officer - Robert Ballard at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center said on the teleconference, “ We remain uncomfortably close to a dangerous hurricane here in the state of Hawaii.”

The centre of Hurricane Douglas seems to have passed within 45 miles to the north of Hana, Maui. In the mid-afternoon, the storm was within 100 miles east of Honolulu.

Maui was forecasted to be highly affected by the storm prior to the moving of Hurricane to the Honolulu during the afternoon. Kauai may see the worst after dark due to the storm.

Ballard later added, “It’s probably not the most likely solution right now, but when you’re forecasting a hurricane to go 40 miles or so north of Oahu, any little jog to the left would bring much worse conditions to the main Hawaiian Islands. So that’s a big concern.”

Kirk Caldwell - the Mayor of Honolulu pursued all the residents to take the warning seriously, Oahu has been lucky in the past few years as hurricanes either bear down or frizzed out but it might not be the case this time.

He said, “ We’re going to be seeing strong winds and storm surge on parts of the island where roads are very close to the water, where homes are very close to the water. It could be a life-threatening event. We don’t want to see anyone get hurt or worse.”

Authorities of Maui and Oahu sounded sirens as rain fell and the gusty winds swing trees. Residents are urged by authorities to take shelters.

Evacuees were asked to bring hand sanitizers and masks with emergency food and water supplements.

President Donald Trump proceeds an emergency for Hawaii due to the threatening hurricane and directing assistance to supplement state and local response efforts.

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