Chinese Authorities have entirely taken control of the Consulate General Of USA in Chengdu, marking the official closure of the diplomatic mission and a new low point in ties between the largest economies of the world.

The American Flag that was outside of the consulate office was lowered on Monday’s dawn while police held back the crowd that had emerged to watch. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry at 10 AM the mission was closed.

Chinese soldiers marched over the front of the consulate while the team of workers in the official dress and Hazmat suits entered the mission. These workers covered the sign that had the consulate’s name with grey clothes.

On Friday, China ordered the closure in their answer to Washington’s order to shut the Chinese consulate in Houston, while blaming the worsening of US-China ties on Washington and pushing the US to withdraw its decision.

Residents have crowded around the streets of the consulate, waving Chinese flags and taking photos.

Tension over coronavirus and trade between these two countries has reached a new level from last week when the US ordered the closing of China’s Consulate in Texas on Tuesday while accusing Beijing of using it as a spot of intellectual property theft.

The scene outside the Chengdu consulate has turned into a celebration of the nation. Chinese nationalists have called for a more piercing response from the authorities like closing the US Consulate in Hong Kong.

While Beijing has constantly suspected the US of being behind the unrest of last year, the US state secretary - Mike Pompeo said that the Chinese Consulate in Houston was a hub of intellectual property theft and spying on Thursday.

Washington also mentioned the attempts of stealing the secrets has grown too many to ignore.

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