Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked with Joe Biden as the US President-elect called him on Tuesday to congratulate him on his win in recent state elections and repeat India's strong commitment to its strategic partnership with the United States. The Prime Minister also offered his greetings to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and said that her win is a matter of pride for the Indian-American community.

Spoke to US President-elect Joe Biden on the phone to congratulate him. We reiterated our firm commitment to the Indo-US strategic partnership and discussed our shared priorities and concerns - the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region, Prime Minister Modi tweeted at around midnight on Tuesday.

I also conveyed warm congratulations for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Her success is a matter of great pride and inspiration for members of the vibrant Indian-American community, who are a tremendous source of strength for Indo-US relations, Prime Minister Modi added.

Earlier on Tuesday, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar talked up positive ties with the incoming Biden administration, noting that the Democrat is not a stranger to India.

Apart from working together to combat terrorism and climate change, and defeat the Covid pandemic, Mr. Biden is expected to support India's claim to a permanent UN Security Council seat.

According to a policy paper released during the election, the President-elect feels no common global challenge can be solved without India and the US working as responsible partners.

Mr. Biden rose to India's defence in October, before the election began, after Donald Trump referred to filthy air in India as he defended his decision to pull out of the Paris accord.

It is not how you talk about friends - and it is not how you solve global challenges like climate change, he tweeted. He later said that his government would focus on working with India to reduce carbon emissions and secure clean and renewable sources of energy.

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