US Democrat Joe Biden took an immense step Wednesday to capture the White House, with two wins in Michigan and Wisconsin leading him close to a majority, but President Donald Trump retorted with wrath as his campaign sued to hang vote counting.

In a short address on national television, surrounded by American flags and his vice presidential pick Kamala Harris, Biden said he is not yet declaring victory, but that when the count is over, we believe we will be the winners.

American presidential elections are marked not by the popular vote but by getting a majority in the state-by-state Electoral College, which has 538 members.

However, Trump, 74, stated one sided victory and made clear he would not trust the reported results, issuing unusual complaints, groudless by any evidence of fraud.

The harm has so far been done to the ethics of our system, and to the Presidential Election itself, he tweeted, claiming without proof or explanation that secretly discarded ballots had been added in Michigan.

Trump's campaign posted lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia and asked for a recount in Wisconsin. The Trump campaign said it was also suing to stop the counting of votes in Pennsylvania after the president called overnight for Supreme Court interference to keep out the processing of mail-in ballots after the close of polls citing unspecified irregularities.

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